The North Coast Innovation Corridor

Exciting new possibilities await in the North, where a new economic corridor bursting with creative energy will take shape, starting from Woodlands. Stretching from the Woodlands Regional Centre across the future Seletar Regional Centre and a redeveloped Sembawang Shipyard area to the Punggol Creative Cluster, the North Coast Innovation Corridor will be a hotbed of ideas and provide additional land for the expansion of enterprises.

Seletar Aerospace Park

The 320ha Seletar Aerospace Park will be dedicated to the aerospace industry and its aviation research and development activities. There will be many opportunities for collaboration and cross-fertilisation as suppliers, customers and partners from the aerospace business community are located in close proximity within the park. The increasing amount of companies setting up their facilities in this location will open up new jobs for all, especially residents living in the North and North-East of Singapore. This will intensively help to boost up the opportunities for the residents in The Vales! Imagine the capital appreciation when the demand of housing in this area increases!